How close is your cabin to Hwy 75?

My cabin is on Chocolate Gulch Road, off Hwy 75, six miles north of Ketchum and 15 miles south of Galena Lodge. Here is a map of our location and the surrounding wilderness.

How close are you to a river?

The Big Wood River runs through our small neighborhood on the east, between my cabin and Hwy 75.

How far from your cabin would we need to travel in order to connect with nature and hike in an area known for wildlife?

There is a fantastic trail system with the trail head about 600’ from the west porch. Once you’re on that trail, the sky is the limit.

Chocolate Gulch is a great place for being out of town and seeing nature. In April of this year, I watched three wolves across the valley playing on the frozen snow. Elk, deer, black bears, and moose are common north of Ketchum and I’ve seen all of them from the house.

For wildlife viewing, I would visit as early in the summer as possible. As it warms up, the animals head to higher elevations in the mountains to find cooler weather and fewer people.

I once backpacked home from the Sawtooth Wilderness, taking three nights. The trails from here branch out in a number of routes and the river route is about five minutes away. One trail takes you in to Ketchum, if you like.

One of the best things about my location is that it is out of town (but Ketchum is nice) and access to the National Forest is world class. There is also the Harriman Trail, which goes up to Galena Lodge as a non-motorized route along the Big Wood. It’s ideal for mountain bikes, foot use etc.

We are an environmentally conscious family. Is your cabin eco-friendly?

Yes! We recycle and compost. I only use natural cleaning products, have an outdoor close line and nice folding table for your laundry, and the home is stocked with organic foods in the cupboards. Also, I take a great amount of pride in my environmental concerns and activism in protecting wilderness and wildlife.

Who built your home?

I built it myself and take a great amount of pride in it. My property has 4 bedrooms, each with there own nice bathroom. There are great views from every room. Outdoor living is easy with my wrap-around decks.

I plant and tend my own vegetable garden, so my guests enjoy fresh salad greens and other ripe vegetables during their visit.

What is your favorite time of year?

By far my favorite time of year is from late April to mid July. The expanding daylight and bird activity are the best, when the green tree sparrows and hummingbirds are enjoying the sunshine. You can also hear the Big Wood River a lot more when it’s running high!